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Institutions List

Line Ministry Institutions with Dental Services *

Province District Institution
Western Colombo DI Colombo
Western Colombo Ministry of Health
Western Colombo IOH Maharagama
Western Colombo DTTS Maharagama
Western Colombo TH Kalubowila
Western Colombo Health Education Bureau
Western Colombo Family Health Bureau
Western Colombo De Soysa Maternity Hospital
Western Colombo Castle Street Hospital for Women
Western Colombo Police Hospital, Colombo 5
Western Colombo NIMHS Angoda
Western Colombo BH Mulleriyawa
Western Colombo National Cancer Institute,Maharagama
Western Colombo Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo 08
Western Colombo National Cancer Control Programme  - Narahenpita
Western Colombo BH Angoda
Western Colombo Prison Hospital Welikada, Colombo 08
Western Colombo Ins.Toxicology & Legal Medicine
Western Gampaha TH Ragama
Western Gampaha TH Welisara
Western Gampaha Prison Hospital,Mahara
Western Gampaha Rehabilitation Hospital - Ragama
Western Kalutara GH Kalutara
Western Kalutara ADC Kalutara Vidyalaya
Western Kalutara CDC Kachcheriya (Kalutara)
Western Kalutara ADC Al Hamra Vidyalaya
Western Kalutara MOH Office Beruwala
Western Kalutara NIHS Kalutara
Western Kalutara DH Beruwala
Western Kalutara PU Aluthgama
Western Kalutara PU Dharga Town
North Western Kurunegala TH Kurunegala
North Western Puttlam DGH Chillaw
Central Kandy TH Kandy
Central Kandy Dental Hospital Peradeniya
Central Kandy Sirimavo Bandaranayake SCH Peradeniya
Central Kandy BH Gampola
Central Nuwara Eliya GH Nuwara Eliya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura PGH Rathnapura
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle GH Kegalle
Eastern Trincomalee BH Kantale
Eastern Kalmunai AMH Kalmunai
Eastern Kalmunai DH Akkaraipattu
Eastern Kalmunai BH Kalmunai
Eastern Ampara DGH Ampara
Eastern Batticaloa TH Batticaloa
Uva Monaragala DGH Monaragala
Uva Badulla PGH Badulla
Southern Galle TH Karapitiya
Southern Galle TH Mahamodara
Southern Matara GH Matara
Southern Hambantota GH Hambantota
North Central Anuradhapura TH Anuradhapura
North Central Polonnaruwa DGH Polonnaruwa
Northern Jaffna TH Jaffna

Provincial Institutions with Dental Services *

Province District Institution
Western Colombo RDHS Office,Colombo
Western Colombo ADC Bambalapitiya Hindu Vidyalaya
Western Colombo ADC Kanapathi Vidyalaya
Western Colombo ADC Dharmapala Vidyalaya Pannipitiya
Western Colombo ADC Royal College
Western Colombo ADC Devibalika Vidyalaya
Western Colombo ADC S.O.S.Piliyandala
Western Colombo ADC St.Joeseph College
Western Colombo ADC Annanda College,Colombo 10
Western Colombo ADC Central College Piliyandala
Western Colombo ADC St. Peters College
Western Colombo ADC Nalanda college
Western Colombo ADC Ramanathan College Bambalapitiya
Western Colombo BH Awissawella
Western Colombo BH Homagama
Western Colombo CD Koralawella
Western Colombo CDC Waga
Western Colombo CDC Maharagama
Western Colombo ADC Homagama
Western Colombo CDC Mount Lavinia
Western Colombo CDC Nawala
Western Colombo CDC Obeysekarapura
Western Colombo CDC Thalapathpitiya
Western Colombo CDC Wellampitiya
Western Colombo CDC Zoysapura
Western Colombo CDC Madiwela
Western Colombo DH Maligawatta
Western Colombo DH Moratuwa
Western Colombo PU Navagamuwa
Western Colombo DH Wettara
Western Colombo PU Kosgama
Western Colombo PU Padukka
Western Colombo DH Thalangama
Western Colombo RH Athurugiriya
Western Colombo PU Piliyandala
Western Gampaha RDHS Office,Gampaha
Western Gampaha CDC Meethirigala
Western Gampaha CDC Nambuluwa
Western Gampaha DGH Negambo
Western Gampaha BH Wathupitiwala
Western Gampaha DH Divulapitiya
Western Gampaha DH Dompe
Western Gampaha BH Kiribathgoda
Western Gampaha DH Kandana
Western Gampaha DH Minuwangoda
Western Gampaha BH Meerigama
Western Gampaha DH Ja-ela
Western Gampaha CDC Urapola
Western Gampaha RH Malwathuhiripitiya,Buthpitiya
Western Gampaha RH Bokalagama
Western Gampaha RH Udupila
Western Gampaha RH Biyagama
Western Gampaha PU Radawana
Western Gampaha PU Pamunugama
Western Gampaha PU Akaragama
Western Gampaha CDC Bemmulla
Western Gampaha CDC Dunagaha
Western Gampaha CDC Makola/Ulhitiwala Muslim orpahanage 
Western Gampaha CDC Pugoda
Western Gampaha ADC Bandaranayaka college
Western Gampaha ADC Al Mubarak V. Malwana
Western Gampaha ADC Hiripitiya K.V., Veyangoda
Western Gampaha ADC Al-Hilal College Negombo
Western Gampaha ADC Batuwatta M.V.
Western Gampaha ADC Al Azzar Thihaariya
Western Gampaha CDC Uswatakeyyawa
Western Gampaha CDC Kumarimull
Western Gampaha CDC Katunayaka BOI (Walana)
Western Gampaha DGH Gampaha
Western Gampaha Community Dental Unit - DGH Gampaha
Western Gampaha CDC Alawala, Atthanagalle
Western Kalutara RDHS Office,Kalutara
Western Kalutara BH Horana
Western Kalutara BH Panadura
Western Kalutara DH Mathugama
Western Kalutara RH Galpatha
Western Kalutara RH Dodangoda
Western Kalutara DH Haltota
Western Kalutara DH Baduraliya
Western Kalutara DH Bulthsinghala
Western Kalutara ADC Don Pedric V. (MOH Horana)
Western Kalutara ADC Atalugama
Western Kalutara ADC Sri Sumangala Boys School
Western Kalutara CDC,Waaduwa
Western Kalutara CD Thiniyawala
Western Kalutara CD Panapitiya
Western Kalutara DH Meegahatenna
Western Kalutara DH Pimbura
Western Kalutara DH Ingiriya
Western Kalutara DH Bandaragama
Western Kalutara DH Gonaduwa
Western Kalutara DH Ittepana
Western Kalutara RH Nebada
Western Kalutara DH Katugahahena
Western Kalutara ADC Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya Panadura
North western Kurunegala RDHS Office,Kurunegala
North western Kurunegala Suwamwdura Hospital
North western Kurunegala BH Kuliyapitiya
North western Kurunegala BH Nikaweratiya
North western Kurunegala DH Narammala
North western Kurunegala BH Galgamuwa
North western Kurunegala BH Dambadeniya
North western Kurunegala PU Mahagirilla
North western Kurunegala DH Hettipola
North western Kurunegala DH Wariyapola
North western Kurunegala DH Maho
North western Kurunegala DH Polpithigama
North western Kurunegala DH Gokarella
North western Kurunegala DH Hiripitiya (Kurunegala)
North western Kurunegala DH Wellawa
North western Kurunegala DH Bingiriya
North western Kurunegala DH Sandalankawa
North western Kurunegala DH Polgahawela
North western Kurunegala DH Mawathagama
North western Kurunegala DH Katupotha
North western Kurunegala DH Rideegama
North western Kurunegala DH Alawwa
North western Kurunegala DH Kobeigane
North western Kurunegala ADC Ambanpola
North western Kurunegala PU Ambanpola
North western Kurunegala ADC Wickramasheela,Giriulla
North western Kurunegala ADC Polgahawela Model
North western Kurunegala PU Kandanegedara
North western Kurunegala PU Thalampitiya
North western Kurunegala PU Pahalagiribawa
North western Kurunegala ADC paragahadeniya
North western Kurunegala ADC Maliyadeva Vidyalaya
North western Kurunegala ADC Balalla
North western Kurunegala PU Nikawewa
North western Kurunegala PU Dunakadeniya
North western Kurunegala PU Muwanhela
North western Kurunegala PU Kotawehera
North western Kurunegala PU Meegalewa
North western Kurunegala Fluorosis Unit - Kurunegala
North western Kurunegala MOH Office - Gokarella
North western Puttalam RDHS Office, Puttalam
North western Puttalam CDMH Wanathawilluwa
North western Puttalam CD Pallama
North western Puttalam GH Chilaw
North western Puttalam DH Kalpitiya
North western Puttalam DH Dankotuwa
North western Puttalam BH Marawila
North western Puttalam BH Puttalam
North western Puttalam RH Thabbowa
North western Puttalam RH Nawagathhena
North western Puttalam PU Madampe
North western Puttalam CD Madampe
North western Puttalam DH Anamaduwa
North western Puttalam DH Mundal
North western Puttalam RH Kottantivu
North western Puttalam RH Anawilunthawa
North western Puttalam RH Udappuwa
North western Puttalam PU Galmuruwa
North western Puttalam CDC Karuwalagaswewa
North western Puttalam CD Mampuri
North western Puttalam CD Aluthgama (Puttalam)
North western Puttalam CD Puluthivayal
North western Puttalam CD Madhurankuliya
North western Puttalam CD Thambagalla
North western Puttalam CD Welipotha
North western Puttalam CD Kirimetiyana
North western Puttalam CD Thalawila
North western Puttalam PU Lunuwila
Central Kandy RDHS Office.Kandy
Central Kandy DH Ududumbara
Central Kandy DH Deltota
Central Kandy DH Madolkele
Central Kandy DH Dolosbage
Central Kandy DH Tittapajjala
Central Kandy DH Teldeniya
Central Kandy DH Kadugannawa
Central Kandy DH Hataraliyadda
Central Kandy DH Ankumbura
Central Kandy DH Wattegama
Central Kandy DH Menikhinna
Central Kandy DH Marassana
Central Kandy DH Akurana
Central Kandy GDH Nawalapitiya
Central Kandy DH Galagedara
Central Kandy DH Katugastota
Central Kandy DH Pussellawa
Central Kandy Prison Hos.Bogambara
Central Kandy RH Kurunduwatta
Central Kandy RH Thalatuoya
Central Kandy RH Kolongoda
Central Kandy Rehabilitation Hospital Digana
Central Kandy RH Gelioya
Central Kandy RH Yakgahapitiya
Central Kandy RH Minipe
Central Kandy RH Bokkawela
Central Kandy RH Kotaligoda
Central Kandy RH Medawala
Central Kandy ADC Abirami V.Kallabokke
Central Kandy ADC Dharmaraja College
Central Kandy CDC Udunuwara
Central Kandy CDC Panwila MOH
Central Kandy CD Elamaldeniy
Central Kandy CDC Hasalaka MOH
Central Kandy RH Nalampanawa
Central Kandy RH Sangaralapura
Central Kandy RH Galaha
Central Kandy ADC Sylvester's College (Kandy RDS)
Central Matale RDHS Office Matale
Central Matale DGH Matale
Central Matale ADC Nagolla Rd, Matale
Central Matale DH Nalanda
Central Matale ADC Naula
Central Matale DH Yatawatta
Central Matale DH Rattota
Central Matale PMCU Pallepola
Central Matale DH Galewela
Central Matale DBH Dambulla
Central Matale DH Laggala Pallegama
Central Matale DH Seegiriya
Central Matale DH Hettipola
Central Matale DH Laliambe
Central Nuwaraeliya RDHS Office N'Eliya
Central Nuwaraeliya GH Nuwaraeliya
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Watawala
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Kothmale
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Hanguranketha
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Ginigathhena
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Lindula
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Kotagala
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Maskeliya
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Dikoya
Central Nuwaraeliya PMCU Hatton
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Maldeniya
Central Nuwaraeliya PMCU Pundaluoya
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Rikillagaskada
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Mathurata
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Gonaganthenna
Central Nuwaraeliya DH walapane
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Udupussellawa
Central Nuwaraeliya PMCU Nildandahinna
Central Nuwaraeliya PMCU Laxapana
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Agarapathana
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Bogawanthalwa
Central Nuwaraeliya ADC Padiyapellella
Central Nuwaraeliya DH Dayagama
North central Anuradhapura RDHS Office,Anuradhapura
North central Anuradhapura PU Galnewa
North central Anuradhapura DH Kekirawa
North central Anuradhapura PU Horowpathana
North central Anuradhapura RH Kebithigollewa
North central Anuradhapura DH Medawachchiya
North central Anuradhapura ADC Thambuttegama
North central Anuradhapura ADC Kekirawa
North central Anuradhapura PU Mihintale
North central Anuradhapura DH Padaviya
North central Anuradhapura DH Kahatagasdigiliya
North central Anuradhapura RH Habarana
North central Anuradhapura BH Thambuttegama
North central Anuradhapura PU Huruluwewa
North central Anuradhapura RH Galkiriyagama
North central Anuradhapura RH Galenbindunuwewa
North central Anuradhapura RH Senapura
North central Anuradhapura DH Nochchiyagama
North central Anuradhapura ADC Anuradhapura
North central Anuradhapura ADC Elayapaththuwa
North central Anuradhapura ADC Medawachchiya
North central Anuradhapura RH Mahawilachchiya
North central Anuradhapura RH Eppawala
North central Anuradhapura MOH office Horowpathana
North central Anuradhapura MOH Office Rambewa
North central Anuradhapura ADC Swarnapali Balika M. V.
North central Anuradhapura PU Rathmalgahawewa
North central Anuradhapura RH Rajanganaya Tr.05
North central Anuradhapura RH Thanthirimale
North central Polonnaruwa RDHS Office, Polonnaruwa
North central Polonnaruwa GH Polonnaruwa
North central Polonnaruwa DH Hingurakgoda
North central Polonnaruwa BH Medirigiriya
North central Polonnaruwa DH Pulasthigama
North central Polonnaruwa DH Aralaganwila
North central Polonnaruwa DH Bakamoona
North central Polonnaruwa BH Welikanda
North central Polonnaruwa DH Manampitiya
North central Polonnaruwa DH Galamuna
North central Polonnaruwa DH Attanakadawala
North central Polonnaruwa DH Jayanthipura
North central Polonnaruwa CD Diyabeduma
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Royal College, Polonnaruwa
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Welikanda MV
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Minneriya MV
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Hingurakgoda
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Madirigiriya MV
North central Polonnaruwa ADC Siripura MV
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura RDHS Office Rathnapur
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura BH Embilipitiya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura BH Balangoda
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura BH Kahawatta
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura BH Kalawana
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Eheliyagoda
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Rakwana
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Kaltota
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Godakawela
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Chandrikawewa
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Pallebedda
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Kolonna
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Ayagama
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Weligepola
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Nivitigala
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Gilimale
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Gallalla
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Erathna
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Pothupitiya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Kiriella
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Belihuloya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Udawalawa
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Kiribathgala
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Endana
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Mahawalathenna
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Marathenna
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC-R/Gankanda M.V.
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC Dodampe Sri Rahula M.V.
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC-R/Haupe Nawalakanda M.V.
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC - R/Sevali M. V.
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Ranwala
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura Provincial council Health Centre 
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC - R/President College / Embilipitiya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura ADC - R/Karavita College / Embilipitiya
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura PMCU - Weragama
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Theppanawa
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Dumbara
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura DH Rassagala
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura CD - Udawela
Sabaragamuwa Rathnapura CD - Kuruvita
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle RDHS Office Kegalle
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle BH Mawanella
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle BH Warakapola
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle BH Karawanella
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle DH Rambukkana
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle DH Kitulgala
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle DH Aranayaka
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle DH Deraniyagala
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle DH Undugoda
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle PU Hemmathagama
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle CD Atala
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle RH Kiriporuwa
Sabaragamuwa Kegalle RH Mahapallegama
Uva Badulla RDHS Office , Badulla
Uva Badulla DH Haldummulla
Uva Badulla DH Metigahathenna
Uva Badulla BH Diyathalawa
Uva Badulla BH Mahiyanganaya
Uva Badulla PTS Mahiyanganaya
Uva Badulla DH Bandarawela
Uva Badulla DH Girandurukotte
Uva Badulla DH Haputale
Uva Badulla DH Lunugala
Uva Badulla DH Meegahakivula
Uva Badulla DH Passara
Uva Badulla MOH Badulla/ADC
Uva Badulla DH Kandaketiya
Uva Badulla DH Uraniya
Uva Badulla PU Galauda
Uva Badulla DH Koslanda
Uva Badulla RH Boralanda
Uva Badulla RH Kandegedara
Uva Badulla RH Wewagama
Uva Badulla RH Ury
Uva Badulla RH Robery
Uva Badulla RH Springvelly
Uva Badulla RH Hopton
Uva Badulla MOH Ella/ADC
Uva Badulla RH Bogahakumbura
Uva Badulla RH Glenore
Uva Badulla DH Welimada
Uva Badulla RH Ettampitiya
Uva Badulla RH Kahataruppa
Uva Badulla MOH Badulla / ADC Saraswathi 
Uva Badulla RH Mirahawatta 
Uva Badulla RH Akiriyankumbura
Uva Badulla DH Uva Paranagama
Uva Badulla RH Bibilegama
Uva Badulla RH Dambana
Uva Moneragala RDHS Office Moneragala
Uva Moneragala DGH Moneragala
Uva Moneragala DH Badalkumbura
Uva Moneragala BH Bibila
Uva Moneragala DH Buttala
Uva Moneragala DH Katharagama
Uva Moneragala DH Inginiyagala
Uva Moneragala DH Medagama
Uva Moneragala BH Siyabalanduwa
Uva Moneragala PU Hambegamuwa
Uva Moneragala DH Thanamalwila
Uva Moneragala DH Wellawaya
Uva Moneragala RH Dambagalla
Uva Moneragala RH Sewanagala
Uva Moneragala RH Ethimale
Uva Moneragala RH Okkampitiya
Uva Moneragala ADC  Dutugemunu M.V.,Buttala
Uva Moneragala ADC Dombagahawela V.
Uva Moneragala RH Hingurukaduwa
Southern Galle RDHS Office,Galle
Southern Galle BH Balapitiya
Southern Galle BH Elpitiya
Southern Galle DH Ambalangoda
Southern Galle DH Baddegama
Southern Galle DH Karandeniya
Southern Galle DH Hiniduma
Southern Galle DH Imaduwa
Southern Galle DH Udugama
Southern Galle DH Ahangama
Southern Galle PU Bentota
Southern Galle PU Hikkaduwa
Southern Galle PU Induruwa
Southern Galle RH Madampagama
Southern Galle ADC Devananda V.
Southern Galle ADC Pilana V.
Southern Galle ADC St.Alosius College
Southern Galle ADC Athkandura Seevali V.
Southern Galle ADC Panangala V.
Southern Galle RH Neluwa
Southern Galle CD Pitigala
Southern Galle PU Habaraduwa
Southern Galle CD Yakkalamulla
Southern Galle Occupational Health Centre, Habaraduwa
Southern Galle Mobile Dental Unit
Southern Galle ADC Zahira College, Gintota
Southern Matara RDHS Office - Matara
Southern Matara BH Kamburupitiya
Southern Matara DH Deniyaya
Southern Matara RH Devinuwara
Southern Matara PU Mawarala
Southern Matara DH Dikwella
Southern Matara DH Akuressa
Southern Matara PU Narawelpita
Southern Matara DH Weligama
Southern Matara PU Thalalla
Southern Matara DH Morawaka
Southern Matara PU Gangodagama
Southern Matara RH Urugamuwa (Radampala)
Southern Matara ADC Thelijjawila
Southern Matara Div.H.Mirissa
Southern Matara ADC Makandura
Southern Matara RH Urubokka
Southern Matara RH Deiyandara
Southern Hambantota RDHS Office - Hambantota
Southern Hambantota BH Tissamaharama
Southern Hambantota PU Lunugamwehera
Southern Hambantota ADC St.Meri Vidyalaya
Southern Hambantota DH Sooriyawewa
Southern Hambantota DH Angunakolapelessa 
Southern Hambantota PU Ambalantota
Southern Hambantota RH Ranna
Southern Hambantota BH Tangalle
Southern Hambantota BH Beliatta
Southern Hambantota DH Walasmulla
Southern Hambantota DH Katuwana
Southern Hambantota CD & MH Middeniya
Southern Hambantota Samadigama Health Centre
Southern Hambantota DH Kariyamadittha
Southern Hambantota DH Beligalla
Northern Jaffna DH Atchchuveli
Northern Jaffna BH Tellippalai
Northern Jaffna BH Point Pedro
Northern Jaffna DH Kopay
Northern Jaffna DH Karainagar
Northern Jaffna DH Vaddukkoddai
Northern Jaffna DH Valvetithurai
Northern Jaffna DH Chankanai
Northern Jaffna ADC St.John's College Jaffna
Northern Jaffna BH Chavakachcheri
Northern Jaffna BH Kayts
Northern Jaffna DH Delft
Northern Jaffna DH Nainativu
Northern Jaffna DH Punkututivu
Northern Jaffna DH Karaveddy
Northern Jaffna DH Kodikamam
Northern Mulativu DGH Mulativu
Northern Mulativu BH Mallavi
Northern Mulativu BH Mankulam
Northern Mulativu DH Oddusuddan
Northern Mulativu DH Sampathnuwara
Northern Mannar RDHS Office,Mannar
Northern Mannar DGH Mannar
Northern Mannar DH Pesalai
Northern Mannar DH Murunkan
Northern Mannar DH Talaimannar
Northern Mannar ADC Mannar
Northern Mannar DH Adampan
Northern Vavuniya RDHS Office,Vavuniya
Northern Vavuniya DH Vavuniya
Northern Vavuniya ADC Vavuniya Tamil M.V.
Northern Vavuniya DH Cheddikulam
Northern Vavuniya DH Nedunkerny
Northern Vavuniya ADC Rambi Kulam G.C.
Northern Kilinochchi DGH Kilinochchi
Northern Kilinochchi BH Mulangavil
Northern Kilinochchi DH Akkarayan
Northern Kilinochchi DH Poonakary
Northern Kilinochchi DH Pallai
Northern Kilinochchi DH Dharmapuram
Eastern Trincomalee RDHS Office Trincomalee
Eastern Trincomalee GH Trincomalee
Eastern Trincomalee PMCU Selvanayagapuram
Eastern Trincomalee BH Muttur
Eastern Trincomalee BH Kinniya
Eastern Trincomalee DH Thampalakamam
Eastern Trincomalee DH Kilivetti
Eastern Trincomalee DH Serunuwara
Eastern Trincomalee DH Echlampattu
Eastern Trincomalee RH Nilaweli
Eastern Trincomalee DH Kuchaveli
Eastern Trincomalee DH Pulmoddi
Eastern Trincomalee DH Padavisiripura
Eastern Trincomalee DH Gomarankadawela
Eastern Trincomalee ADC Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya
Eastern Trincomalee ADC Hindu college (RDHS Tricomalee)
Eastern Trincomalee ADC St. Joseph College (RDHS Tricomalee)
Eastern Ampara RDHS Office Ampara
Eastern Ampara DBH Dehiattakandiya
Eastern Ampara DBH Mahaoya
Eastern Ampara DH Padiyathalawa
Eastern Ampara DH Panama
Eastern Ampara DH Damana
Eastern Ampara DH Senarathpura
Eastern Ampara DH Tottama
Eastern Ampara DH Lahugala
Eastern Ampara DH Wadinagala
Eastern Batticoloa RDHS Office Batticaloa
Eastern Batticoloa BH Kattankudy
Eastern Batticoloa RH Palameenmadu
Eastern Batticoloa BH Valaichenai
Eastern Batticoloa BH Kaluwanchikudy
Eastern Batticoloa BH Eravur
Eastern Batticoloa DH Arayampathy
Eastern Batticoloa DH Mahiladitive
Eastern Batticoloa DH Kallar
Eastern Batticoloa DH Karadiyanaru
Eastern Batticoloa RH Chenkalady
Eastern Batticoloa DH Mandapathady
Eastern Batticoloa ADC Aligar National School
Eastern Batticoloa DH Santhively
Eastern Batticoloa DH Vaharai
Eastern Batticoloa ADC Kattankudy Central College
Eastern Batticoloa ADC Oddamavady Central College
Eastern Batticoloa CD Meeravodai 
Eastern Kalmunai RDHS Office, Kalmunai
Eastern Kalmunai DH Maruthamaunai
Eastern Kalmunai DH Sainthamaruthu
Eastern Kalmunai DH Irakkamam
Eastern Kalmunai ADC Mohomad Ladies college
Eastern Kalmunai DH Ninthavur
Eastern Kalmunai DH Addalachanai
Eastern Kalmunai DH Palamunai
Eastern Kalmunai DH Akkaraipattu
Eastern Kalmunai ADC Pottuvil Central College
Eastern Kalmunai BH Samanthurai
Eastern Kalmunai BH Pottuvil
Eastern Kalmunai ADC Zahira College, Kalmunai
Eastern Kalmunai ADC Aysha Viddyalayam, Akkaraipattu
Eastern Kalmunai DH Central Camp
Eastern Kalmunai DH Oluvil

* Data collected via the internal circular with reference no. DDG/DS/26/11
accurate as of 6 August 2012

Please note some stations listed may not have permanent Dental Surgeons and function only on certain days of the week.