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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry is one of the three clinical dental specialties available in Sri Lanka. It has been recognized as a specialty since 1997. Specialty training is conducted by Postgraduate institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. Qualifying consultants in Restorative Dentistry are appointed to work in government hospitals or Faculty of Dental Sciences in University of Peradeniya. 
Restorative Dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated effective management of diseases of the oral cavity, the teeth and supporting structures. This includes the rehabilitation of the teeth and the oral cavity to functional, psychological and aesthetic requirements of the patient. It may require the coordination of multi-professional working to achieve these objectives. The discipline encompasses all aspects of Operative Dentistry, Endodontics, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics (including Maxillofacial Prosthodontics) Periodontics, Peadodontics and Implant Dentistry. 

  • Operative dentistry involves the restoration of teeth damaged by caries or tooth wear 
  • Periodontology is the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the tissues supporting the teeth (gums) and their associated structures; 
  • Endodontics is the diagnosis and management of disorders of the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth 
  • Prosthodontics is the management of teeth and associated structures lost as a result of disease, inheritance or trauma and replacement by removable and fixed prostheses (including implants.)
  • Paedodonctics includes the diagnosis and management of dental problems in children under local or general anesthesia and management of traumatized deciduous and permanent teeth.
Who Provides Specialized Restorative Treatment?

Specialists in restorative dentistry are attached to government hospitals, Faculty of Dental sciences in University of Peradeniya and Armed Forces. There are specialized units which provide all disciplines of specialized Restorative treatment. Dental team in a specialized unit consists of Consultant as the leader of the team, dental surgeons and dental care professionals. Dental Care Professionals include dental nurses, dental therapists, and dental technicians. In government hospitals dental technicians, nurses, attendants and other hospital staff assist in providing the service - they are all important members of the dental team and all have a role in the provision of restorative dentistry for patients under the direction of a consultant.
Specialized restorative units available in government Hospitals in Sri Lanka

  • Dental Institute- Colombo- Two specialized restorative units
  • Dental Institute Maharagama - Two specialized restorative units
  • Teaching hospital Kandy
  • Teaching hospital Kurunegala
  • Teaching hospital Karapitiya

Main diseases and conditions which are treated in government specialized restorative units 
  • Dental trauma in children and adultsComplex endodontic procedures- non surgical and surgical
  • Removable prosthodontics which include removable partial dentures and obturators for congenital and surgical defects
  • Advanced restorative treatment of children under local and general anesthesia
  • Non surgical and surgical periodontal treatment for all kinds of gum diseases
  • Restorative care of patients with a variety of conditions in which dental treatment can be hazardous or complex. For example, patients with bleeding disorders, leukemia, endocardial lesions, some form of drug therapy, the elderly patient with special problems and those with learning difficulties
  • Multidisciplinary care for Patients with congenital facial clefts or major dental abnormalities jointly with Orthodontist, OMF surgeon, Pediatrician and other medical specialties
  • Management of patients with developmental anomalies
  • Management of discoloured teeth
  • Management of worn dentition

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How to get specialized restorative treatment

Primary dental care is provided by General Dental surgeons of government hospitals. Patients who require specialized restorative treatment are referred to the nearest specialized unit by them. Consultants of other specialties may also refer patients to a consultant in Restorative Dentistry for an opinion or a course of treatment. Therefore those who are willing to get specialized treatment from a government hospital should have a referral from a responsible professional. All patients referred to such units are managed and followed up under the supervision of the consultant with the limitation of available facilities.